The Dulver ® is designed to design

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Dulver ® is a patented composite material, which can be assimilated to the solid surface category: its intrinsic features and its manufacturing process make it suitable for any type of design and application.

Warm and velvety to the touch, the material structure is extremely stable: due to this characteristic it’s possible designing and implementing complex technical details. Dulver® is tough and solid but with a certain level of elasticity because of the fact that its components are indissolubly blended with each other giving rise to a new material with its own and homogeneous features; this characteristic ensures a constant reaction of the compound material even at high thermal shock, thus cancelling the risk of breakage typical of those composites whose relevant components maintain their own distinct behaviours.

Our engineers staff will support you to make your design sustainable from the point of view of technical application and industrial one.

Dulver® Product