Dulver ® is designed to design


In this photo Twist “Made in Dulver ®”

If you have an idea our engineers staff will support you to make your design sustainable from the point of view of technical application and industrial one.
Dulver ® intrinsic features and its manufacturing process make it suitable for any type of design and application.
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And Now…Twist Made in Dulver®

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Twist Made in Dulver®


Twist is a modular and versatile object that has been designed to serve di erent functions. Depending on needs, Twist acts as a lamp, stool, co ee table, bedside table and organizer and may be located in di erent strategic points of a residential space. The mix of materials and its sinuous shape make Twist pleasant to sight and touch. The structure is composed of two modules, developed combining Dulver® solid surface and wood. Two modules t together to form a stool or a bedside table 55 cm high. Once split, the modules become low tables or, rotated 180°, organizers.


For more info: www.deco.regione.lombardia.it