#nevicata14 and Dulver®

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Photo from Facebook official page of Nevacata14. For all the informations please visit www.facebook.com/nevicata14

Some about Project #nevicata14
The project proposes extensive use of public pedestrian space, and is intended as an ideal continuation of the Parco Sempione, behind the Castle, till the boundaries of the buildings. It is an experiment and verification that will allow to understand with more certainty the future of the so-called “Piazza Castello” after Expo Milano 2015.

All the products that you can see in the photo are “Made in Dulver®”

#nevicata14. “cena in bianco” in Piazza Castello


8 thousands people at Piazza Castello in Milan for the big event “Cena in Bianco”.
An extraordinary success and…a lot of people around #nevicata14 and our benches!
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#nevicata14 discover Dulver® products

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Here (in the new website) you can find all the informations about #nevicata14 and Dulver®.
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Dulver® @ Piazza Castello with #nevicata14


Render by Studio Guidarini – Salvadeo Architetti Associati

#nevicata14 is a collective process that answers to the question made by  municipality of Milan and Triennale: develop a temporary solution for pedestrian in Piazza Castello during Expo2015.  Nevicata’14 begins with an approach based on community building.

Dulver® will be in Piazza Castello with products made in Dulver®. Stay tuned for dicover all the solutions.

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