The company was founded in 2012 as reaction to what many people consider the most serious economic crisis of the last century: because innovation means future.

The investment in the unique compound material Dulver® arises from this presupposition with the goal to become a company which is able to both really improve people lifestyle and minimize the CO2 emissions. Environmental balance must be zero impact.

A unique innovation within the solid surface family and building materials, the first composite “Designed to design”.

The project matches the management and technical skills of the founding members coming from the renewable energy industrial branch with the long-standing professional experience of the work Team in the field of composite materials and plastic molding. The introduction of more and more advanced machineries and technological systems makes us able to offer a huge variety of applications related to this innovative compound material.

The youth, passion, innovation: these three pillars, around whom we have given the original imprinting of the company, permeate both the entrepreneurial choices and style of the organization in relation to its stakeholders.

Mobiltrade SA.
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