Lust Chair description by Xavier Lust

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This project, as most of Xavier Lust’s creations, is inspired to nature and to the balance of shape and wellbeing. A future-oriented original design, capable of re-interpreting itself over the years, always remaining contemporary. No references to the past, but the focus is on the quest for a unique and intuitive iconicity, targeting an attentive user. An aesthetic language based on curves, not just as an expression of beauty, but as shape’s top structural and dynamic performance.

Lust Chair’s design is the link among man, matter and nature. A high-performance, mono-material finish and sculptural framework, emphasised by the use of an exclusive material. Made of Dulver®, reinforced and printed using I.V.M. (Injection Vacuum molding) automated technology.Dulver is a highly innovative composite material of the latest generation, composed of a blend of resin and solid charges. The new formulation extends the application limits of resins, and gives the material quite unique features. The chair can be used also outdoor.

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Dulver® Product