Dulver® was at Global Startup Expo

Schermata 2015-12-09 alle 17.17.27

When: 19 – 20 November 2015

Dulver® is innovative.
The Global Startup Expo is the first on-line fair in the world dedicated to Startups. With an interactive platform, the fair is an innovative experience where attendees can explore new technologies, connect with investors, learn about incubators and crowdfunding possibilities while networking with peers, professionals, and press!

Participants will be able to chat, call via Skype, exchange business cards, and connect with colleagues worldwide while attending presentations virtually, simply using a PC or Mac and xDSL connection.

This is the future of fairs, where one can attend for free and exhibit or sponsor at a nominal price. Join us at this historic event and discover a powerful world of possibilities.

About the Organizers

The Global Startup Expo is organized by the creators of Expo delle Startup (the largest event of Startups ever held in Italy) and powered by Hyperfair (the leading company in the virtual fairs world).

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