Dulver®: easy to clean

Schermata 2015-09-23 alle 16.08.13

Daily use of DULVER ® artifacts is serene and without worries of damaging the surface . You will naturally pay special attention to not damage all those valuable products and design as for example those ones made in DULVER® , however it is right that everyone enjoy them without too much hesitation. It is easy to clean DULVER® with soapy water or common detergents to remove the most of stains and dirt that could exist on the surface .It’s true that some substances like ink, coffee , lemon and cosmetics could create several stains on the surface after for a few hours in contact with DULVER®, the same thing for cigarettes : no problem. The features of the composite make these defects easy to repair with a simple and rapid instructions following on the next lines.

Take it easy , we point out a few useful advises for an optimal maintenance of the products in DULVER® . Mainly We do not recommend the use of harsh cleaning products such as acetone, trichlorethylene, strong acids or bases : You can check in the table below the reaction of Dulver® to the main cleaners on the market, as a result of laboratory tests in accordance with CATAS Spa PTP 53:1995 after 16 h cleaner deposits on the surface . In case of small damages you can restore the surface employing an abrasive Scotch Brite ®

Click here to read the test with cleaning products