Photo Credit: Roberto Conte

Made in Dulver® product. We were technical partner during Fuori Salone.

For The Design Week 2016 PRINCIPIOATTIVO ARCHITECTURE GROUP has set a special goal: solving and making easier links between the locations of more than 1000 events spread all over the Milan downtown.

In order to do that, all the data relative to the different types of urban transport system have been analyzed and studied: car, bike and public ones. Results easily and strongly show how bike transport is the most convenient and efficient either for pollution and travel timing. “Cycling The Week” is a special route designed to move from the Ventura/ Lambrate District straight to center Brera District, passing through the Liberty area of Porta Venezia in Design.

A special way identified and marked by a colored line to go cycling, walking or skating crossing all over the city in the safest possible way.

“Cycling The Week” wants to communicate how is possible moving and living Milan without being forced to use busy, dangerous and traffic congested roads, without losing orientation (one of the typical problem caused by the concentric urban planimetry of Milan).

Dulver® Product, Media, street furniture