Why Dulver®?

  • Dulver® is 100% recyclable. Products are grinded and completely recycled in the manufacturing process at the end of their lifecycle .
  • Dulver® means low logistics costs because of its extreme lightness, no scraps because of its manufacturing process.
  • Dulver® means extreme design, because of its injection vacuum molding process based on resin molds turnover.
  • Dulver® photocopys faithfully the finish of the mold, therefore you can get also thin surface texture.
  • Dulver® has an unlimited time because it is always repairable: you can get always the original finishing after polishing it with scotchBrite® or plastering the piece by means of Dulver® directly on the place.
  • Dulver® is velvet and warm to the touch. A new sensation for outdoor & indoor furniture design.
  • Dulver® is much comfortable, you can seat on it with any worries outdoor during Summer and Winter seasons.
  • Dulver® is resistant to the thermal shocks and UV sunshine ray thanks to the innovative formula: you can get always the original finishing after polishing Dulver® with scotchBrite®.
  • Dulver® is dyed in the mass by means of any RAL code colors.
  • Dulver® is water-repellent with an extreme resistance to the acid attacks, food and drinks, those make it really user-friendly.
  • Dulver® is dielectric and resistant to heat produced by led light.
  • Dulver® is a completely non-toxic material that does not release any type of harmful substance to people over time.