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Piazza Castello Milan – Italy

Do you remember #nevicata14?

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Informal use of Dulver® benches @Piazza Castello, Milan. May-Oct 2015
A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report.

Connecting …”made in Dulver® “


Photo Credit: Roberto Conte




Photo Credit: Roberto Conte

Dulver® technical partnership

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(Click)here you can find the description of the event and our technical partnership.




Photo Credit: Roberto Conte



Photo Credit: Roberto Conte

Made in Dulver® product. We were technical partner during Fuori Salone.

For The Design Week 2016 PRINCIPIOATTIVO ARCHITECTURE GROUP has set a special goal: solving and making easier links between the locations of more than 1000 events spread all over the Milan downtown.

In order to do that, all the data relative to the different types of urban transport system have been analyzed and studied: car, bike and public ones. Results easily and strongly show how bike transport is the most convenient and efficient either for pollution and travel timing. “Cycling The Week” is a special route designed to move from the Ventura/ Lambrate District straight to center Brera District, passing through the Liberty area of Porta Venezia in Design.

A special way identified and marked by a colored line to go cycling, walking or skating crossing all over the city in the safest possible way.

“Cycling The Week” wants to communicate how is possible moving and living Milan without being forced to use busy, dangerous and traffic congested roads, without losing orientation (one of the typical problem caused by the concentric urban planimetry of Milan).

#nevicata14 in love

Schermata 2016-03-01 alle 18.36.04Schermata 2016-03-01 alle 18.37.13

A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report.
Love on “made in dulver®” benches 🙂

Dulver® is solid surface 2.0

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Gelato festival on Dulver® at Piazza Castello.
A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report http://bit.ly/1KTrahf



parkour on Dulver® during #nevicata14 :-)

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A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report http://bit.ly/1KTrahf

#Nevicata14 and Children

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The picture is obtained from #Nevicata14 report http://bit.ly/207mxMV
The products are “Made in Dulver®”


Video: street furniture “Made in Dulver®”

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Thanks to Nevicata14.
Click here to see the video


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Near the Dulver® during the night.

lunch break?

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Lunch Break in Piazza Castello on our benches “Made in Dulver®”.
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Piazza Castello (Milan). Benches Made in Dulver® (new pic).
Thank you official site. Click here for more info.

#gentedanevicata #nevicata14. Dulver® street forniture

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Nice pics from Piazza Castello in Milan.
Thanks to Official Facebook Page of Nevicata14 

#nevicata14 and Dulver®

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Photo from Facebook official page of Nevacata14. For all the informations please visit www.facebook.com/nevicata14

Some about Project #nevicata14
The project proposes extensive use of public pedestrian space, and is intended as an ideal continuation of the Parco Sempione, behind the Castle, till the boundaries of the buildings. It is an experiment and verification that will allow to understand with more certainty the future of the so-called “Piazza Castello” after Expo Milano 2015.

All the products that you can see in the photo are “Made in Dulver®”

#nevicata14. “cena in bianco” in Piazza Castello


8 thousands people at Piazza Castello in Milan for the big event “Cena in Bianco”.
An extraordinary success and…a lot of people around #nevicata14 and our benches!
For more info about #nevicata14 please visit:

A new video about #nevicata 14


Click here you can see the video about #nevicata14 and Dulver® products at Piazza Castello (Milan).
Some photos about inauguration and details of the project.

#nevicata14 discover Dulver® products

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Here (in the new website) you can find all the informations about #nevicata14 and Dulver®.
Click the link (in italian)

#nevicata14. Dulver® at Piazza Castello


And finally you can see our Dulver® products in front of Piazza Castello Milan for the first day of Expo2015.

#nevicata14 – the production


The production for #nevicata14 goes on. In this photo you can see more pieces.
Dulver® can be considered a “solid-surface” 2.0. On one hand it has all the features that have made the success of these composite materials, beginning from reproducing the effect of natural stone; on the other hand, the core of the new patented formula has added new distinctive as innovative features from the lightness which makes Dulver ® artifacts able to float on water till the opportunity of coloring in the mass pieces with any type of RAL (or RAL combination). Without any gelcoat, the material (though colored) could be repaired by means of scotch-brile.
Stay tuned.

#nevicata 14 – the production


Teasing effect of flower box for #nevicata14 installation @Piazza Castello during Expo15.
Dulver® is water-repellent and resistant to acid attack, strokes, making it ideal for use in both bathrooms and the kitchen furniture but also in outdoor environments: besides it’s dielectric with an high endurance to heat, so usable in the lighting components design.


#nevicata14 – the production


Teasing effect! Now we’re working for Piazza Castello installation called #nevicata14.
Dulver®’ s cycle description. We support the environment. Dulver ® is a composite material that feeds on itself. At the beginning, the liquid and solid components are mixed to generate the new material which is subsequently injected in the molds reproducing the final product to be achieved under vacuum at a controlled temperature and pressure. Then, Dulver ® products are distributed all over the world at different fields of application and consumption. At the end of the life cycle, end-users are invited to deliver “dead” products to the collection points. Therefore our solid surface will be breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces by means of a mechanical mill: the output will be recycled to 100% in the manufacturing cycle of new products.

Stay tuned.

Dulver® @ Piazza Castello with #nevicata14


Render by Studio Guidarini – Salvadeo Architetti Associati

#nevicata14 is a collective process that answers to the question made by  municipality of Milan and Triennale: develop a temporary solution for pedestrian in Piazza Castello during Expo2015.  Nevicata’14 begins with an approach based on community building.

Dulver® will be in Piazza Castello with products made in Dulver®. Stay tuned for dicover all the solutions.

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