Onda design by Pietro Tonetti

Onda design by Pietro Tonetti, made of Dulver®, is now in the Crystalexe® Showroom in Switzerland – via Pra Mag 7, Rancate – CH.  Crystalexe® SA produces glass tiles resistant to scratches and hits, combining the transparency of glass with a high resolution graphic image www.crystalexe.ch

Dulver ® is designed to design


In this photo Twist “Made in Dulver ®”

If you have an idea our engineers staff will support you to make your design sustainable from the point of view of technical application and industrial one.
Dulver ® intrinsic features and its manufacturing process make it suitable for any type of design and application.
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Customize with Dulver®

Schermata 2016-07-07 alle 15.30.18

Dulver® makes you able to customize your kitchen with every color you prefer… or why not colors of your football team?



Photo Credit: Roberto Conte

Honeycomb Dulver®

dulver hc


With Dulver® is possible to match structural panels in honeycomb: aluminum + dulver® material.
In photo you can see thickness of 40 mm with 25 mm honeycomb.

Customize your kitchen

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Dulver® makes you able to customize your kitchen. Red, Blue, Yellow or union jack? Why not?

IVM technology – vacuum injection molding

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The manufacturing process of DULVER® exploits IVM technology (vacuum injection molding), which has been designed for it: a computerized production cycle that allows to inject DULVER® into the mould to get any desired shape of the finished product. Dulver ® is resistant to acids, stains, suitable to come into contact with food according to the prescriptions of the Law, it doesn’t leave any type of particle in the atmosphere, it is not porous and it does not allow absolutely the growth of fungus or other pathogens.

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#nevicata14 – the production


The production for #nevicata14 goes on. In this photo you can see more pieces.
Dulver® can be considered a “solid-surface” 2.0. On one hand it has all the features that have made the success of these composite materials, beginning from reproducing the effect of natural stone; on the other hand, the core of the new patented formula has added new distinctive as innovative features from the lightness which makes Dulver ® artifacts able to float on water till the opportunity of coloring in the mass pieces with any type of RAL (or RAL combination). Without any gelcoat, the material (though colored) could be repaired by means of scotch-brile.
Stay tuned.

#nevicata 14 – the production


Teasing effect of flower box for #nevicata14 installation @Piazza Castello during Expo15.
Dulver® is water-repellent and resistant to acid attack, strokes, making it ideal for use in both bathrooms and the kitchen furniture but also in outdoor environments: besides it’s dielectric with an high endurance to heat, so usable in the lighting components design.


#nevicata14 – the production


Teasing effect! Now we’re working for Piazza Castello installation called #nevicata14.
Dulver®’ s cycle description. We support the environment. Dulver ® is a composite material that feeds on itself. At the beginning, the liquid and solid components are mixed to generate the new material which is subsequently injected in the molds reproducing the final product to be achieved under vacuum at a controlled temperature and pressure. Then, Dulver ® products are distributed all over the world at different fields of application and consumption. At the end of the life cycle, end-users are invited to deliver “dead” products to the collection points. Therefore our solid surface will be breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces by means of a mechanical mill: the output will be recycled to 100% in the manufacturing cycle of new products.

Stay tuned.