100% recyclable


Dulver® is 100% recyclable. The product waste and scraps can be completely recycled in the manufacturing process at the end of its lifecycle.
We are a new era of solid surface!


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Elongation at break // EN ISO 527-1:1996 // 0,76 %
Linear thermal expansion coefficent // ASTM E 831:2012 // 51,8 – 57,5 -> for each degree of increase in T the material stretches by 0.051 mm. It ‘a material that does not expand with heat// μm/(m · °C)
Thermal shock resistance // UNI 9429:1989// 5 -> after 15 cycles of 24h from +40° C to -20° C
Determination of Charpy impact properties // UNI EN ISO 179:2010 // 1,1 – 1,3 kJ/m2
Determination of water absorption after 6 days // UNI ISO 62:2001 // meth. 1 0,9 – 1,1 -> the weight of the sample has increased less than 1% after 6 days of immersion // %

Dulver® Technicalities


DULVER ® can be considered a “solid-surface” 2.0.


Density // UNI EN ISO 1183-1:2005 // 0,891 – 1,01 // g / cm3
Hardness // EN ISO 868:2003 // 70 -> on a scale from 1 to 100, where 100 defines the maximum surface hardness // Shore D
Flexural strength // EN ISO 178:2011 // 19,9 -> it takes more than 200 kg to break a sample of Dulver® dimensions 6 cm x tickness 0,5 cm it in bending // Mpa
Modulous of elasticity  //EN ISO 178:2011 // 1.587 -> higher this value is, the more the material is durable and rigid but also fragile // Mpa
Tensile strength // EN ISO 527-1:1996 // 11,5 -> It takes about 124 kg to break a sample of 2 cm thickness 0.5 cm // Mpa

Ellipise by Porro: outdoor table “Made in Dulver®”

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The Ellipse Table is a real sculpture made of Dulver® material.
Read the article on Stylepark.

Dulver® material for air conditioning


Dulver® for industry!
This application in “Dulver® solid surface” is an hollow tube for air conditioning industry. In this product you can find all the feautures of Dulver®. For more info contact us here

Dulver® is not toxic solid surface

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Dulver® is a completely non-toxic solid surface that does not release any type of substance harmful substance to people over time: a feature which qualifies its application in those sterilized and controlled environments.

Dulver® is solid surface 2.0

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Gelato festival on Dulver® at Piazza Castello.
A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report http://bit.ly/1KTrahf



Dulver® Contract: Hospitality

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Why Dulver® is recommended for hospitality? Because:

Dulver® is 100% recyclable. Products are grinded and completely recycled in the manufacturing process at the end of their
Dulver® means low logistics costs because of its extreme lightness, no scraps because of its manufacturing process.
Dulver® means extreme design, because of its injection vacuum molding process based on resin molds turnover.
Dulver® has an unlimited time because it is always repairable: you can get always the original finishing after polishing it
with scotchBrite® or plastering the piece by means of Dulver® directly on the place.
Dulver® is velvet and warm to the touch. A new sensation for outdoor & indoor furniture design.
Dulver® is dielectric and resistant to heat produced by led light.
Dulver® is dyed in the mass by means of any RAL code colors.
Dulver® is water-repellent with an extreme resistance to the acid attacks, food and drinks, those make it really user-

100% recyclable: one of the best features

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Alessandro Pagliai CEO & Founder.

polyester noble resin + selection of different organic solid filler


Dulver® belongs to the category of solid surface. Indeed no. It goes over.Not only it maintains similar performance chemical and mechanical properties, but adds new plus. It is a highly innovative material for the industry in general, for that of furniture in particular. Starting from its specific weight, which reaches up to 0,83 gr / cm3, the half that of competitive materials, to the feel of the material which is warm and smooth, increasing the comfort of the seats significantly.

Material Certifications


Dulver® has been certified according to international standards for application in the furniture world by laboratories accredited to the following standards

UNI EN ISO 1183:2005, EN ISO 868:2003, EN ISO 178:2011 Modulus of elasticity, EN ISO 178:2011 Flexural strenght, EN ISO 527-1:1996 tensile streght, EN ISO 527-1:1996 elongation at break, ASTM E 831:2012, UNI 9429:1989, UNI ISO 179:2010, UNI ISO 62:2001 meth. 1, UNI EN 1186:2003 Distilled water, UNI EN 1186:2003 Ethanol solution at 95%, UNI EN 1186:2003 solution reproducing olive oil, PTP 53:1995, EN 12720:2009, EN 14688:2006 p5.5, UNI EN 15187:2007, EN ISO 16000-9:2006, UNI EN 15186:2012 met. B, UNI 9174.

Company Presentation & Application: English Version

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Company Presentation & Application: Dulver®

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Leaf through online

benches in a different colors

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The Benches “Made in Dulver®” located at Pizza Castello in Milan are available in a different colors!

Washbasin “Onda” for shipbuilding industry

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Made in Dulver® washbasin “Onda”. Studio Tonetti Design.
The Washbasin is designed for shipbuilding industry. 


Dulver®: easy to clean

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Daily use of DULVER ® artifacts is serene and without worries of damaging the surface . You will naturally pay special attention to not damage all those valuable products and design as for example those ones made in DULVER® , however it is right that everyone enjoy them without too much hesitation. It is easy to clean DULVER® with soapy water or common detergents to remove the most of stains and dirt that could exist on the surface .It’s true that some substances like ink, coffee , lemon and cosmetics could create several stains on the surface after for a few hours in contact with DULVER®, the same thing for cigarettes : no problem. The features of the composite make these defects easy to repair with a simple and rapid instructions following on the next lines.

Take it easy , we point out a few useful advises for an optimal maintenance of the products in DULVER® . Mainly We do not recommend the use of harsh cleaning products such as acetone, trichlorethylene, strong acids or bases : You can check in the table below the reaction of Dulver® to the main cleaners on the market, as a result of laboratory tests in accordance with CATAS Spa PTP 53:1995 after 16 h cleaner deposits on the surface . In case of small damages you can restore the surface employing an abrasive Scotch Brite ®

Click here to read the test with cleaning products

Honeycomb Dulver®

dulver hc


With Dulver® is possible to match structural panels in honeycomb: aluminum + dulver® material.
In photo you can see thickness of 40 mm with 25 mm honeycomb.

A teasing video with “Dulver production phases” of benches located at P.zza Castello Milan



Click here to see the video.

Dulver® is velvety to the touch.


Dulver® is tough and solid similar to traditional building materials, but it is warm and velvety to the touch. Although it has a lower specific weight than water, is also resistant to extreme environmental conditions withstanding thermal shocks.

Dulver® is light…more than water.


Dulver® is the only solid surface with a specific weight lower than water one’s and equal to 0.97 Kg/dm3: a key feature for all those applications where lower products weight means appreciable efficiency recoveries and cost savings, for example, the shipbuilding industry.

Click here to watch the video of buoyancy


Dulver® is color!


Dulver® is a solid surface that can be customized and dyed as any color RAL code, plus the opportunity to take the shape on any type of finish photocopying faithfully the finish of the mold.
Contact us for more informations about color!

Dulver® Technicalities

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DULVER ® can be considered a “solid-surface” 2.0. On one hand it has all the features that have made the success of these composite materials, beginning from reproducing the effect of natural stone; on the other hand, the core of the new patented formula has added new distinctive as innovative features from the lightness which makes Dulver ® artifacts able to float on water till the opportunity of coloring in the mass pieces with any type of RAL (or RAL combination). Without any gelcoat, the material (though colored) could be repaired by means of scotch-brile.
More info here 

Dulver® is light


Dulver® is the only solid surface with a specific weight lower than water one’s and equal to 0.97 Kg/dm3: a key feature for all those applications where lower products weight means appreciable efficiency recoveries and cost savings, for example, the shipbuilding industry.
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