EXHIBIT: Water, architecture and materials

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Table Made of Dulver® and Wood

Brand new Table Made of Dulver® and Wood.
Designed by Arch. Randis. 
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Thanks to Domus Interior AG


By Orama Factory in Collaboration with Dulver®.
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Onda design by Pietro Tonetti

Onda design by Pietro Tonetti, made of Dulver®, is now in the Crystalexe® Showroom in Switzerland – via Pra Mag 7, Rancate – CH.  Crystalexe® SA produces glass tiles resistant to scratches and hits, combining the transparency of glass with a high resolution graphic image www.crystalexe.ch

2017…we remember Nevicata14

Piazza Castello Milan – Italy

Ellipse by Porro


Dulver® is perfect for outdoor.
In the picture you can see Ellipse by Porro.

Dulver ® is designed to design


In this photo Twist “Made in Dulver ®”

If you have an idea our engineers staff will support you to make your design sustainable from the point of view of technical application and industrial one.
Dulver ® intrinsic features and its manufacturing process make it suitable for any type of design and application.
Do not hesitate to contact us!


Porro Mood

Porro Mood with Ellipse in Dulver®
Original post here 

Cartoon Party



And the party goes on.
Ellipse by Porro. A masterpiece Made in Dulver®

Cartoon Party: Amazing Ellipse by Porro


Made in Dulver®

We introduce you our first Angel: Orama Factory!


Who are the “Orama Factory”?
OF is a tech lab where your ideas for architecture, design and art can materialise and become a reality at the pace set by the latest technologies.
The ability of Orama Factory is to provide tailored services for creative projects in different fields reflects the heterogeneous nature of our own team.
The members have acquired diversified skills and knowledge in Italy, Europe and Australia.

For more info click here.

//And…stay tuned for new projects!




Hello, I’m Twist ;-)


Made in Dulver® + Wood

And Now…Twist Made in Dulver® #2


Stay Tuned!

And Now…Twist Made in Dulver®

Stay tuned!

Twist Made in Dulver®


Twist is a modular and versatile object that has been designed to serve di erent functions. Depending on needs, Twist acts as a lamp, stool, co ee table, bedside table and organizer and may be located in di erent strategic points of a residential space. The mix of materials and its sinuous shape make Twist pleasant to sight and touch. The structure is composed of two modules, developed combining Dulver® solid surface and wood. Two modules t together to form a stool or a bedside table 55 cm high. Once split, the modules become low tables or, rotated 180°, organizers.


For more info: www.deco.regione.lombardia.it


News from Dulver® – SPD

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Dulver® inspires students of Interior Design Master of SPD.
Students have to invent and project innovative advertising totem Made in Dulver following the briefing and marketing needs of an international Company.

Stay tuned for discovering of the brand and the project!


SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design is the first postgraduate school for design disciplines in Italy, founded in Milan in 1954. Today,  SPD is an international laboratory for exchanging experiences, for developing projects by keeping a balance between function and expression, production and experimentation, thanks to the combination of its Italian roots and a strong international orientation. The young professionals that the school is able to offer to the market and the creative work developed every year are also testimony to this incredibly rewarding dialogue with companies, manufacturers and the various actors along the design chain. The Master’s courses offered by SPD are organised in collaboration with IULM University and award academic degree certificates recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research MIUR and the relevant credits under the ECTS system

From www.scuoladesign.com


Do you remember #nevicata14?

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Informal use of Dulver® benches @Piazza Castello, Milan. May-Oct 2015
A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report.


Schermata 2016-02-09 alle 15.24.11


Elongation at break // EN ISO 527-1:1996 // 0,76 %
Linear thermal expansion coefficent // ASTM E 831:2012 // 51,8 – 57,5 -> for each degree of increase in T the material stretches by 0.051 mm. It ‘a material that does not expand with heat// μm/(m · °C)
Thermal shock resistance // UNI 9429:1989// 5 -> after 15 cycles of 24h from +40° C to -20° C
Determination of Charpy impact properties // UNI EN ISO 179:2010 // 1,1 – 1,3 kJ/m2
Determination of water absorption after 6 days // UNI ISO 62:2001 // meth. 1 0,9 – 1,1 -> the weight of the sample has increased less than 1% after 6 days of immersion // %

Customize with Dulver®

Schermata 2016-07-07 alle 15.30.18

Dulver® makes you able to customize your kitchen with every color you prefer… or why not colors of your football team?

bathtub in Dulver®. A New render

Schermata 2016-07-04 alle 17.14.41

A bathtub in solid surface. Contact us for more info.

DULVER® CONTRACT: shower tray

Schermata 2016-06-27 alle 15.29.44

Completely Made in Dulver®

Connecting …”made in Dulver® “


Photo Credit: Roberto Conte


Ellipse by Porro. Made in Dulver®

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Ellipse. Porro Website

Ellipise by Porro: outdoor table “Made in Dulver®”

Schermata 2016-06-13 alle 14.04.34

The Ellipse Table is a real sculpture made of Dulver® material.
Read the article on Stylepark.


Schermata 2016-06-07 alle 15.58.24

Second video from the factory! Please find a special manufacturing instead traditional Dulver® IVM: over moulding for restrained casting and colors change. Click here

Dulver® material for air conditioning


Dulver® for industry!
This application in “Dulver® solid surface” is an hollow tube for air conditioning industry. In this product you can find all the feautures of Dulver®. For more info contact us here

bathtub “made in Dulver®”


This product is a bathtub in solid surface with “gloss finish”.
Another Dulver® product.

Dulver® in Milan during CYCLING THE WEEK

IMG_2392 IMG_9149

Photo Credit: Roberto Conte

Why Dulver®? Because Dulver® is a completely non-toxic material that does not release any type of substance harmful substance to people over time.

Made in Dulver® – Milan


Photo Credit: Roberto Conte.
Touch point with “Made in Dulver®” support.

TV Svizzera about us! Dulver® innovation and flexibility

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Cycling the Week, Postazione multimediale“Made in Dulver®”

Switzerland and Swiss Design @ Salone del Mobile 2016. A very nice article about Dulver® and our innovation.
Here you can read the article (in italian)



Photo Credit: Roberto Conte



Photo Credit: Roberto Conte



Photo Credit: Roberto Conte



Photo Credit: Roberto Conte

Made in Dulver® product. We were technical partner during Fuori Salone.

For The Design Week 2016 PRINCIPIOATTIVO ARCHITECTURE GROUP has set a special goal: solving and making easier links between the locations of more than 1000 events spread all over the Milan downtown.

In order to do that, all the data relative to the different types of urban transport system have been analyzed and studied: car, bike and public ones. Results easily and strongly show how bike transport is the most convenient and efficient either for pollution and travel timing. “Cycling The Week” is a special route designed to move from the Ventura/ Lambrate District straight to center Brera District, passing through the Liberty area of Porta Venezia in Design.

A special way identified and marked by a colored line to go cycling, walking or skating crossing all over the city in the safest possible way.

“Cycling The Week” wants to communicate how is possible moving and living Milan without being forced to use busy, dangerous and traffic congested roads, without losing orientation (one of the typical problem caused by the concentric urban planimetry of Milan).

#NEVICATA14 and…sport!

Schermata 2016-03-30 alle 19.18.13

A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report.
Sport on “Made in Dulver®” benches


Schermata 2015-06-15 alle 17.24.26

Furniture in Dulver® solid surface.

back Side of Lust Chair

Schermata 2016-03-14 alle 21.11.47

Lust Chair “Made in Dulver®”, a solid surface for interior design by Xavier Lust (MDF Italia).

#nevicata14 in love

Schermata 2016-03-01 alle 18.36.04Schermata 2016-03-01 alle 18.37.13

A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report.
Love on “made in dulver®” benches 🙂


Schermata 2015-06-05 alle 11.58.29

One of the first bathtub in solid surface. Concept “Made in Dulver®”


Schermata 2016-02-25 alle 14.56.19

Contract Made in Dulver®. Bathroom furniture in solid surface.
Contact us for custom solution.

Relax on Dulver® BENCHes

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A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report

MDF Italia: the size of Lust Chair Made in Dulver®

Schermata 2016-02-12 alle 16.54.22

Made by i.v.m (injection vacumm molding).

Dulver® is solid surface 2.0

Schermata 2016-02-09 alle 15.34.19

Gelato festival on Dulver® at Piazza Castello.
A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report http://bit.ly/1KTrahf



parkour on Dulver® during #nevicata14 :-)

Schermata 2016-02-02 alle 09.14.27

A very special thanks to #Nevicata14 report http://bit.ly/1KTrahf


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Dulver® is a completely non-toxic material that does not release any type of harmful substance to people over time.
Dulver® is dielectric and resistant to heat produced by led light.
Dulver® means extreme design, because of its injection vacuum molding process based on resin molds turnover.
Dulver® photocopys faithfully the finish of the mold, therefore you can get also thin surface texture.

#Nevicata14 and Children

Schermata 2016-01-28 alle 12.04.01
The picture is obtained from #Nevicata14 report http://bit.ly/207mxMV
The products are “Made in Dulver®”


Dulver® Contract: Hospitality

Schermata 2016-01-26 alle 18.47.34

Why Dulver® is recommended for hospitality? Because:

Dulver® is 100% recyclable. Products are grinded and completely recycled in the manufacturing process at the end of their
Dulver® means low logistics costs because of its extreme lightness, no scraps because of its manufacturing process.
Dulver® means extreme design, because of its injection vacuum molding process based on resin molds turnover.
Dulver® has an unlimited time because it is always repairable: you can get always the original finishing after polishing it
with scotchBrite® or plastering the piece by means of Dulver® directly on the place.
Dulver® is velvet and warm to the touch. A new sensation for outdoor & indoor furniture design.
Dulver® is dielectric and resistant to heat produced by led light.
Dulver® is dyed in the mass by means of any RAL code colors.
Dulver® is water-repellent with an extreme resistance to the acid attacks, food and drinks, those make it really user-

Dulver® video presentation!

Schermata 2016-01-20 alle 15.26.32

Click here to see Dulver® presentation.
In the video the CEO Alessandro Pagliai.

Lust Chair a chair suitable for vertebral column


Lust Chiar by MDF Made in Dulver® is designed to be an extension of the human body . The Belgian designer has designed in the image of human being with a supporting structure that is designed exactly like his vertebral column.

Read the article in italian


Video: street furniture “Made in Dulver®”

Schermata 2016-01-09 alle 12.44.00

Thanks to Nevicata14.
Click here to see the video

Sculpture. Made in Dulver®.

ellipse porro

Ellipse Table by Porro. CLick here for more info

More informations about Product Definition

Schermata 2015-06-05 alle 11.58.29

Dulver® is a composite material based on polyester noble resin and a selection of different organic solid filler, which is injected into the mold at ambient temperature and at a controlled, not high pressure. Dulver® successfully passed the main tests of mechanical strength, chemical and surface, conducted by the laboratory Catas Spa, Accredia certified according to international standards. Dulver® stands as the only real solid surface for interior design thanks to its light weight – it can floating – and high performance innovative formula: you can create tables, chairs, benches, pieces of furniture, vases, even with a color in mass that lasts longer.

Material Certifications


Dulver® has been certified according to international standards for application in the furniture world by laboratories accredited to the following standards

UNI EN ISO 1183:2005, EN ISO 868:2003, EN ISO 178:2011 Modulus of elasticity, EN ISO 178:2011 Flexural strenght, EN ISO 527-1:1996 tensile streght, EN ISO 527-1:1996 elongation at break, ASTM E 831:2012, UNI 9429:1989, UNI ISO 179:2010, UNI ISO 62:2001 meth. 1, UNI EN 1186:2003 Distilled water, UNI EN 1186:2003 Ethanol solution at 95%, UNI EN 1186:2003 solution reproducing olive oil, PTP 53:1995, EN 12720:2009, EN 14688:2006 p5.5, UNI EN 15187:2007, EN ISO 16000-9:2006, UNI EN 15186:2012 met. B, UNI 9174.

Video: Dulver® presentation by F. Randi

Schermata 2015-12-16 alle 16.53.37

Click here to see the video by Atmosphere – Polimi – (Italian speaking)

Lust Chair

Schermata 2015-12-09 alle 17.24.25

Lust Chair Made in Dulver®.

Wave for Dulver® by Tonetti Design

Schermata 2015-12-03 alle 18.19.19

Made in Dulver® by Tonetti Design.
Original picture here
Who is Gianpietro Tonetti?

Born in Cremona (Italy) in 1958, Gianpietro Tonetti works and lives in Lodi (Italy).

He has been involved in design since 1977 starting as design consultant in the home decoration field. In 1983 he founded dimensioni s.a.s., (tonettidesign s.a.s. as of 2011), a industrial design company, specializing in industrial design of consumer products. Leaving behind almost completely the world of home decoration to concentrate his activities in various industrial fields

More info here


Lust Chair @ Salone del Mobile

Schermata 2015-11-30 alle 18.01.16

Lust Chair Made in Dulver®

shower column in dulver®

Schermata 2015-11-26 alle 12.16.45

Year of production: 2014
Finishing: Matt
Dimensions: 1530 x 738 x 40
Designer: F. Randis
Colors: every RAL code

Dulver® . Lust Chair Stress Test

First step

Second step

Third step

Fourth step


Schermata 2015-11-05 alle 16.10.13

Near the Dulver® during the night.



@Piazza Castello – Milan

DNA Lamp in Dulver®

Schermata 2015-11-02 alle 16.38.20

White. Made in Dulver®

DNA Lamp in Dulver®

Schermata 2015-10-30 alle 10.02.37

Every Rial Color
Designer: Filippo Randis

A lamp.
A design product.
A penholder.
Made in Dulver®.

DNA Lamp – Size

Schermata 2015-10-30 alle 10.02.02

DNA Lamp, Made in Dulver®

Gold bench

Schermata 2015-10-28 alle 11.18.18

Made in Dulver®.


Company Presentation & Application: Dulver®

Schermata 2015-10-21 alle 14.30.19

Leaf through online


Schermata 2015-10-08 alle 18.53.12

The size.

“Infinito” table


“Infinito” table is a product Made in Dulver®.
Designer: Filippo Randis
Year of production: 2015
For commercial info: commerciale@dulver.ch

benches in a different colors

Schermata 2015-10-08 alle 08.46.38

The Benches “Made in Dulver®” located at Pizza Castello in Milan are available in a different colors!

Vase “Doppioquadro” – White

Schermata 2015-10-06 alle 17.00.40
Made in Dulver®

Vase “Doppioquadro” – Black

Schermata 2015-10-06 alle 17.00.18

Made in Dulver®

Washbasin “Onda” for shipbuilding industry

Schermata 2015-09-30 alle 09.03.16

Made in Dulver® washbasin “Onda”. Studio Tonetti Design.
The Washbasin is designed for shipbuilding industry. 


we are on Elle decoration UK

Schermata 2015-09-27 alle 10.40.07


Ellipse by Porro table “Made in Dulver®” is on the prestigious Elle Decoration UK.
Ellispse is a modern sculpture.

We are the Winners! Unicredit Start Lab.

Schermata 2015-09-21 alle 17.14.08

The winner is Dulver®.
At the UniCredit Tower in Milan, we were a part of ten startups finalists, selected by  UniCredit Start Lab Team and measured by a jury composed of industry experts (Samsung, Electrolux, KIKO Milano & Percassi, DHL and FLOS) that evaluated the technologies, the design ideas and sustainable business models.

We are are the winners! 

The jury chose as winner the startup Mobiltrade, offering Dulver®, innovative material made from resin, similar to the family of “solid surface”. The intrinsic features of the material and the production process make it suitable to any type of design.

Read the article (in Italian).

Thank you!


lunch break?

Schermata 2015-09-15 alle 14.47.03

Lunch Break in Piazza Castello on our benches “Made in Dulver®”.
Facebook Page #Nevicata14




Schermata 2015-09-09 alle 09.37.30

Piazza Castello (Milan). Benches Made in Dulver® (new pic).
Thank you official site. Click here for more info.

#gentedanevicata #nevicata14. Dulver® street forniture

1 2 3

Nice pics from Piazza Castello in Milan.
Thanks to Official Facebook Page of Nevicata14 

we’re on ADITALIA

Schermata 2015-07-28 alle 13.40.54

We are on AD ITALIA with Ellipse by Porro.

Dulver® is light…more than water.


Dulver® is the only solid surface with a specific weight lower than water one’s and equal to 0.97 Kg/dm3: a key feature for all those applications where lower products weight means appreciable efficiency recoveries and cost savings, for example, the shipbuilding industry.

Click here to watch the video of buoyancy


#nevicata14 and Dulver®

Schermata 2015-07-14 alle 08.26.11

Photo from Facebook official page of Nevacata14. For all the informations please visit www.facebook.com/nevicata14

Some about Project #nevicata14
The project proposes extensive use of public pedestrian space, and is intended as an ideal continuation of the Parco Sempione, behind the Castle, till the boundaries of the buildings. It is an experiment and verification that will allow to understand with more certainty the future of the so-called “Piazza Castello” after Expo Milano 2015.

All the products that you can see in the photo are “Made in Dulver®”

We are on Living – Corriere della Sera

Schermata 2015-07-10 alle 08.27.28

Thanx to Living by Corriere della Sera that writes a little article about Dulver® material and Ellipse by Porro.
It describes “Ellipse by Porro” like a sculpture.
Ellipse is made by Dulver®: it’s an honor to be mentioned with Porro.


Sofia Lagerkvist talks about Ellipse by Porro and Dulver®

Schermata 2015-06-23 alle 09.59.19

On Home & Decor you can find a very interesting interview to the Swedish design collective Front.
In the last question to Sofia Lagerkvist about the “design process”, she talks about Dulver® material and its lightness.

The integral interview

Xavier Lust

Schermata 2015-06-22 alle 11.30.44

We are on Xavier Lust website with a “Made in Dulver®” Lust Chair produced by MDF.
Click here for more info

Dulver® product on MilanoToday

Schermata 2015-06-11 alle 15.43.17

Here you can see the Dulver® products at Piazza Castello – Milan for the project #nevicata14.
Read here the article!

The Dulver ® is designed to design

Schermata 2015-06-05 alle 11.58.29

Dulver ® is a patented composite material, which can be assimilated to the solid surface category: its intrinsic features and its manufacturing process make it suitable for any type of design and application.

Warm and velvety to the touch, the material structure is extremely stable: due to this characteristic it’s possible designing and implementing complex technical details. Dulver® is tough and solid but with a certain level of elasticity because of the fact that its components are indissolubly blended with each other giving rise to a new material with its own and homogeneous features; this characteristic ensures a constant reaction of the compound material even at high thermal shock, thus cancelling the risk of breakage typical of those composites whose relevant components maintain their own distinct behaviours.

Our engineers staff will support you to make your design sustainable from the point of view of technical application and industrial one.

We’re on Stylepark!

Schermata 2015-06-03 alle 20.47.16Schermata 2015-06-03 alle 20.47.35

We’re very happy and proud to be on Stylepark that is a leading international platform for architecture and design.
Ellipse by Porro is “Made in Dulver®” and here you can find the article 


Schermata 2015-06-03 alle 13.28.55Schermata 2015-06-03 alle 13.29.04
We are on the presigious website Architon.com whit Lust Chair by MDF Made in Dulver®.
Read here the article

Dulver® on “Cucine d’Italia – Arte cibo e design”

Schermata 2015-05-27 alle 16.55.19
We are very happy to be on the online magazine “Cucine d’Italia”.
This article, which is about Lust Chair by MDF, talks about Dulver®: performing and innovative materials composed resin and solid charges . The chair is made by technology “Vacuum Injection Molding” automated . Ultralight and weather resistant , completely water repellent also suitable for outdoor use.

The article in italian.

We are on Vanity Fair

Schermata 2015-05-21 alle 08.35.55

In the opinion of Vanity Fair.it Ellipse by Porro “Made in Dulver® “ in one of the best product of Salone del Mobile 2015.
Here you can find the article (in italian)

Live from London


This ph show the Lust Chair “Made in Dulver®” during the London design week.
Dulver® is a solid surface that can be customized and dyed as any color RAL code, plus the opportunity to take the shape on any type of finish photocopying faithfully the finish of the mold.

Dulver® in London

Clerkenwell Design Week, Lust Chair.


Our Lust Chair in London


The Lust Chair “Made in Dulver®” are now in the House of Detention in London for the “London Design Week”. Exploiting the venue’s atmospheric architecture, Platform creates a stunning backdrop for a curated collection of international and cutting-edge design.
We are a part of collection! Stay Tuned!

a video of first faucet made of solid surface


Click here to see the video


rubi rosso

We have produced the first faucet in the world “Made in Dulver®” thanks to i.v.m. manufacturing process
Time – to – market cut of 80% because you get the product direclty from the mold where you’ve just inserted the cartdge within the brass structure. In this way you can be sure of the seal during the hydraulic plant 1st starting.

You are not bundle to the limit of standard production of both brass and steal bars, you can study every kind of design.

Besides there’s a very low environmental impact: faucets made of traditional material derive from a complex, high-energy consumption and chemicals process to get the final produc starting from the brass; on the other side faucet made of dulver don’t need any kind of chemical process, dulver is produce by means of a very low-energy based process and it is completely recyclable.

Stay tuned!

Elle Decor about Dulver®

Schermata 2015-05-07 alle 21.05.13

Elle Decor writes a very interesting article about Ellipse by Porro fully realized in Dulver®.
In Particular it talks about the recyclability and lightness of the material.
Here you can read the article (in italian)

A new video about #nevicata 14


Click here you can see the video about #nevicata14 and Dulver® products at Piazza Castello (Milan).
Some photos about inauguration and details of the project.

#nevicata14. Dulver® at Piazza Castello


And finally you can see our Dulver® products in front of Piazza Castello Milan for the first day of Expo2015.

We are on AD with Ellipse by Porro

Schermata 2015-04-29 alle 09.46.05

This article is about Ellispe by Porro and Dulver® that turn this table in a “living room sculpture”.
Read the article (in italian)

#nevicata14 – the production


Teasing effect! Now we’re working for Piazza Castello installation called #nevicata14.
Dulver®’ s cycle description. We support the environment. Dulver ® is a composite material that feeds on itself. At the beginning, the liquid and solid components are mixed to generate the new material which is subsequently injected in the molds reproducing the final product to be achieved under vacuum at a controlled temperature and pressure. Then, Dulver ® products are distributed all over the world at different fields of application and consumption. At the end of the life cycle, end-users are invited to deliver “dead” products to the collection points. Therefore our solid surface will be breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces by means of a mechanical mill: the output will be recycled to 100% in the manufacturing cycle of new products.

Stay tuned.

Ellipse Table, first “sculpture” in solid surface

Schermata 2015-04-20 alle 14.33.17

Photo of Ellipse by Porro on Grazia Casa (the table is considered one of “the best of” product @ Design week)

Ellipse by Porro in a first table in solid surface made of Dulver® that is tough and solid similar to traditional buliding materials, but it is warm and velvety to the touch. Although it has a lower specific weight than water, is also resistant to extreme environmental conditions withstanding thermal shocks

Some articles in italian: Designer blog //  Elle Decor // Maire Claire // Arredamento Facile


First table made in Dulver® By PORRO



The Ellipse table, created by the Swedish designers studio Front, is one of the best novelty at Salone del Mobile 2015.
The Ellipse table by Porro is indeed a sculpture born of the encounter between two volumes: the surface and base are two regular ellipses balanced on each other which experiment with a daring support on curved surfaces.
It has a delicate yet majestic design which pays homage to the Ellipse, a shape of great appeal with innate grace. It’s able to accommodate from 6 to 8 diners comfortably. Unique and functional in the dining room, it can at the same time be a table of great character and sculptural proportions for exterior use, a unique, highly versatile piece for indoor or outdoor spaces. Realized in Dulver®, a solid surface 100% recyclable, with a specific weight lower than water one’s and equal to 0.97 Kg/dm3. Dimensions: 2m x 1.20 m

Lust Chair. First Chair in solid surface


Lust Chair by MDF Italia

The innovative solid surface for interior design is Dulver®. The products made in Dulver® have a great surface finish, indeed the material photocopies faithfully the finish of the mold. Therefore you can get a multitude of finishes: polished, matt, rough, embossed or any incision made in the mold.

The Lust Chair is on edilportale // stylepark // archiproducts (click on the link to read the articles, in italian)

Lust Chair description by Xavier Lust

Schermata 2015-04-16 alle 06.53.51

This project, as most of Xavier Lust’s creations, is inspired to nature and to the balance of shape and wellbeing. A future-oriented original design, capable of re-interpreting itself over the years, always remaining contemporary. No references to the past, but the focus is on the quest for a unique and intuitive iconicity, targeting an attentive user. An aesthetic language based on curves, not just as an expression of beauty, but as shape’s top structural and dynamic performance.

Lust Chair’s design is the link among man, matter and nature. A high-performance, mono-material finish and sculptural framework, emphasised by the use of an exclusive material. Made of Dulver®, reinforced and printed using I.V.M. (Injection Vacuum molding) automated technology.Dulver is a highly innovative composite material of the latest generation, composed of a blend of resin and solid charges. The new formulation extends the application limits of resins, and gives the material quite unique features. The chair can be used also outdoor.

For more info click here (MDF Italia website)

First chair made in Dulver® by MDF Italia

Schermata 2015-04-16 alle 06.54.28